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October 23, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 20

Sarah Winslow

Redfish in Corpus Christi Bay

Sarah Winslow in Corpus Christi Bay on Tuesday, October 7. This monster was caught on live finger mullet.

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October 9, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 19

Lisset Herrera

130 lb Tuna in Venice, Louisiana

Caught out of Venice, Louisiana. “It was the last bait of the day as we were going to head in to dodge a storm. Capt. John Cole, owner of Southern Catch Outfitters was throwing out a free line when it swallowed the entire thing and took us for a ride. We were on his 40ft Invincible Cat. Scale marked it at 130 lbs.”  — Lisset Herrera

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September 25, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 18

Flynn Franck

29" Redfish in Port O'Connor

Flynn Franck, 8, caught this 29 inch red on a soft plastic in the surf off of Port O’Connor, TX. He is pictured with his dad, Brian Franck, helping him hold his catch.

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September 11, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 17

Tanyas Jackson

Trout in Lower Laguna Madre

Tanyas Jackson caught this beautiful trout in late July wadefishing with fiance Capt. Adam Doelle in the Lower Laguna Madre throwing topwaters. The fish was released after photos.

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August 28, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 16

Bill McCalla

Blue Parrotfish in Key West

Bill McCalla with a Blue Parrotfish caught using ballyhoo in Key West, Florida in July 2020. By far the most vibrant fish you’ve ever seen. Electric blue!

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August 14, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 15

Jake Arrell

Tripletail in Rockport, Texas

Jake Arrell from College Station. Caught the tripletail out of Rockport. Spinning rod using shrimp. Fish was 27″, 16.5 pounds.

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July 24, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 14

Lane Gerke

7 lb 30.5 inch Trout

Congratulations to Lane Gerke (son of Foreverlast Inc owner Billy Gerke) for catching a fish of a lifetime. Trout went 30 1/2” and 7lbs and was weighed into the CCA Star Tournament.

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July 10, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 13

Andrea Hartley

29" Redfish in Corpus Christi

Andrea Hartley recently caught this 29 inch redfish near the Pure Oil Channel in Corpus Christi, Texas on her brand new H&H Backcountry spinning rod. She was throwing a STX Ultimate popping cork and live shrimp.

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June 26, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 12

Paige Butler

Trout fishing in Port Mansfield

Paige Butler, trout was caught on croaker in Port Mansfield during a nice little weekend getaway we also caught a few keepers using black top-waters.

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June 12, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 11

Marilyn Monroe

2020 STAR Redfish

June 3, Marilyn Monroe (8) and her family from Cypress were headed to Galveston for their very first family fishing trip. Dad, who is a seasoned angler, was wise enough to enter the whole family in STAR the previous day. Boy, he sure is glad he did! After catching a few fish earlier in the morning, his daughter hooked herself a $25,000 scholarship and 23-foot Haynie Bigfoot. After netting the fish, Dad looked at their fishing guide in a moment of disbelief. It was indeed a 2020 STAR tag.

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May 22, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 10

Nina Garrett

Redfish in Aransas Pass

Nina Garrett caught a perfect 28″ redfish in Aransas Pass wading Hog Island. She was a coppery beauty and was released for good fishing karma. Just an amazing day in this beautiful place we call home!

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May 8, 2020

Vol. 26 No. 9

Landon Williams & Capt. Daniel Land

Trout Fishing in Baffin Bay

Landon Williams fishing with Capt. Daniel Land in Baffin Bay. Not only did I catch my first 30 inch trout, 30 minutes later I would catch a fish of a lifetime, at 32 1/4 inches and just shy of 10 lbs.

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