Ron's Note
Updated 10-10-2014

Capt. Ron Behnke

      We finally have tides that are back to normal.  The water is clear and fishing has gotten better as the tides have come way down.  The morning winds have also been down.  This is a good time to get your boat on the water to do some serious fall fishing. 

                To follow up on some information that I gave you in an earlier edition, I wanted to let you know that the Cody Moravits Benefit Fishing Tournament is on and scheduled for October 25th.  Cody is a young local fisherman that for years has been faithful about sending pictures into the Angler.  He was recently diagnosed with cancer and really needs some help right now so a group of his friends are hosting this tournament.  This is your chance to help a fellow fisherman and have a great time too.  This is a catch, photo and release format type tournament and there will be lots of ways for kids and novice anglers to win.  For more information, you can go on line to  Check it out.

                Some of you are really lucky to have your kids and grandkids living close to you so that you can see them regularly.  We are lucky to have one son and his kids here but not so with the other two.  But this weekend we will have all three kids and all six grandkids here in Corpus Christi.  It has been a long time since we were all together and we are so excited to see them all.  We are even hoping to get the boat out and do some fishing!   


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Cole Willson landed a big Redfish while fishing at Sulphur Road on 10-4-14.  The Red was photographed and released.



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Chase, Kori, and Reef Simmons showed the Redfish who’s the boss while fishing in Aransas bay on
10-4-14 with their dad, Clint.

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