Ron's Note
Updated 10-24-2014

Capt. Ron Behnke

      Last Thursday I read a good article about the opening of Cedar Bayou including the history of its closure and the years of work that it took to finally open it again.  A lot of credit was given to persons, groups, and governmental agencies that helped.  That’s good.  But what was left out was a mention of the person who started Save Cedar Bayou, Inc and worked tirelessly for this outcome until illness forced her to turn over the reins to others.  I am talking about Lynn Edwards of Rockport who “mounted her horse” and spread the news that this important pass needed to be re-opened.  She and some others worked for years to obtain the needed permits and tried and tried again to get help in this endeavor.  She did not give up until she stepped aside because of illness and let others carry the baton to the finish line.  I and everyone out there should applaud this little lady for all of her hard work. 

                You’re gonna notice some printed issues of the Saltwater Angler out there on a few newsstands.  And in the future you will see more and more distributed across the Coastal Bend.  Changes are coming for the Angler in the next few months as I am going to retire.   A great guy named Ron Henne will take the reins of the magazine beginning in January and you need to watch for some great improvements and yes, the magazine back in print.  We are excited and we hope you are too.   


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Cole Willson landed a big Redfish while fishing at Sulphur Road on 10-4-14.  The Red was photographed and released.



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Chase, Kori, and Reef Simmons showed the Redfish who’s the boss while fishing in Aransas bay on
10-4-14 with their dad, Clint.


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