Ron's Note
Updated 8-22-2014

Capt. Ron Behnke

      It is the first issue of the last month of summer.  Fishing in August is historically very good while using croaker and piggy perch.  I am still not able to get out on a boat and go fishing but this hot weather this month does not really heighten my desire to get on the water anyway.  I really like to fish after the cold fronts start rolling in.  I am really looking forward to getting back on the water at that time.  My friends in the tackle business and marinas tell me they are busy, busy with the last of the vacationers on the coast getting in one more trip before school starts.

                Don’t forget that on September 1st, the daily bag limit for speckled trout drops to 5 fish per day per person with a 10 fish two day limit with fish in your possession.  I do not think that the sunset clause of five years will ever really happen, Just like the redfish limits that were passed years ago, once you lose it, you never get it back.  The CCA and TP&W will never let the trout limit ever go back to 10 per day.  It is also very strange that the new limits do not go all the way to the Texas/Louisiana border.  Instead only a portion of the Texas coast falls under this new law.  Hmmmm!

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Debra J., 9 years old from Ricardo, Texas went fishing for the first time on 7-7-14 and landed this big 29 ” Trout in the back waters of Baffin Bay.  She was fishing with mullet.  The fish will be mounted. 



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Justin Baker caught this 46” King Mackerel on 8-10-14 in the surf just down from Bob Hall Pier.

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