Ron's Note
Updated 4-11-2014

Capt. Ron Behnke

         For you fishermen who have not heard yet, our speckled trout daily bag limit will change from 10 fish per day to 5 fish per day beginning September 1st, 2014.  Many of us have fought the change for over ten years but we appear to have lost the support of the recreational fishermen.  The CCA finally pushed the TPWD Commission to make the change this year.  This is the same “conservation” association that holds the biggest “kill” fishing tournament every year.  This change in the daily bag limits will probably never change back to 10 per day just like the redfish limit that was changed to 3 per day but was supposed to go back to the old limit when the fishery “bounded back”.  It will be the same with this rule change.  Evidently there was little opposition that spoke at the public scoping meetings or at the Commission meeting, so this is what we will now live with on the entire Texas coast.   Another change to the saltwater fishing regulations made by the Commission was the extension of the two flounder per day bag limit restrictions.  This is currently in effect for the month of November into the first two weeks of December.  During these first two weeks of December, however, harvest would be allowed by any legal means.


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C. W. Raetzch caught this Black Tip Shark on 3-7-14 at Tall Rock Plus 1 while fishing aboard the Fish & Fun II.


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Ryan from South Carolina battled this big Redfish in Baffin Bay while fishing with Capt. Sally on 3-21-14.

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